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  • Paragon Bank

    In 2014 Paragon Bank was launched. A new British bank built on good, simple, old fashioned principles, offering savings products, secured personal loans, car finance, residential property development finance and SME asset finance.

Paragon Bank

Launched in February 2014, Paragon Bank is the banking subsidiary of The Paragon Group of Companies.


Paragon Bank provides savings accounts which offer great value and are created with customers in mind. Based solely in the UK the retail savings deposits we generate are only used to lend money to individuals who live in the UK.

Launched in November 2015, Paragon Bank also offers residential property development finance to developers in London and the South East.

In November 2015, Paragon Bank acquired Five Arrows Leasing Group, which offers a range of SME asset finance products.

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Working with car dealers to offer quick decisions, instant commission and innovative products.


Technically experienced underwriters provide great service, whilst a knowledgeable Customer Servicing team is always happy to help.

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A provider of secured personal loans to homeowners in England, Wales and Mainland Scotland.


Working in close partnership with approved brokers, Paragon Personal Finance provides competitive personal loans for customers.

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