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  • Security

We use secure pages wherever we ask you to enter your personal details. We do this by using a technology call SSL ñ Secure Socket Layers. This enables us to encrypt any information you type in so that it cannot be tampered with as it is sent through to us.

You can tell if you're on a secure page as the page name will begin with HTTPS (the S stands for secure).

A yellow padlock will also appear at the bottom right of your screen or to the right of the address bar.

One of the best ways to stay secure on the Internet is to always install the latest and most up to date security tools, including Anti-Virus software, Anti-Spyware/Adware software and use a personal firewall. Always use appropriate security tools for your computer, and keep them up to date. Remember if a new virus is written there is less chance that older Security packages will be able to detect it.